UK frozen and chilled food manufacturers


British frozen foods and chilled foods manufacturers and suppliers

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2 Sisters Food Group  Primary and value added meat, chicken and poultry products
A1 Food Products  Frozen puff pastry, samosa pastry and naan
Adelie Foods Group Ltd  Pre-packed sandwiches and salads
Almondy  Frozen tarts based on almonds for retail and foodservice
Alpro  Soya based milk, cream, yogurts and desserts milk based alternatives
ANA Food Group  Primary and value added chilled or frozen poultry for retail or foodservice
APea  High volume producer of frozen conventional and organic vegetables
Apetito  Frozen meals for foodservice, hospitals and meals-on-wheels
Ardo UK  Frozen vegetables, fruit, pasta and rice
Aunt Bessie's Ltd  Aunt Bessie's frozen Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and ready meals
Authentic Curries & World Foods  Curries and ready meals from around the world made in Wales
Aviko  Frozen and chilled potato products for catering and retail
Avondale Foods  Pre-prepared salad, soup, bakery, sauces and sandwich fillings
Bakehouse Limited  Frozen, ready to bake savouries, pastries and specialty breads
Banham Poultry Ltd  Frozen and chilled whole chicken and chicken portions
Bannerman Seafoods  Frozen seafood, langoustines, scallops, haddock, scampi and salmon
Bannisters Farm  Frozen baked potatoes, potato halves and filled potato skins
Barfoots of Botley  Semi-exotic vegetables such as sweetcorn, asparagus, marrow and so on
Beckett's Foods  Manufacturers and distributors of bacon, gammon and ham.
Charlie Bigham's  Rather upmarket ready-meals for two
The Big Prawn Company  Seafood
The Bite Group  Sandwiches, wraps, paninis, toasties and sandwich fillers
The Black Farmer  Gluten free sausages, bacon and chicken products
Browns Food Group  Cooked meats for retail and delicatessen
Butt Foods  Bakery products for the sandwich and snack sector in retailers and foodservice
Calder Foods  Sandwich fillings, cooked meats, salads and sauces
Capestone Organic Poultry Ltd  Mainly organic chickens. Turkey, beef, pork, salmon and lamb as well
Caribbean Savouries Ltd  Frozen patties and Caribbean foods
Cauldron Foods  Cauldron brand of vegetarian and organic convenience foods
Central Foods  Specialist sales and marketing agency for the catering frozen food industry
Cherry Valley Farms  Primary and pre-prepared duck products
Chilled Foods Assoc  Aims to develop and promote  safety and quality in chilled prepared foods
Coppenrath & Wiese  Frozen desserts, hot and cold
Cosmo Products Ltd  Pizzas for retail and foodservice
Country Style Foods  Frozen part-baked breads, doughnuts, patisserie and desserts
Classic Cuisine  Frozen readymeals for caterers
Cleone Foods  Island Delight brand of Caribbean patties and slices
Cranswick  Sandwiches to deli to pork to petfood
Cranberry Foods  High volume turkey and turkey products producer for retail and foodservice
Crepe Cuisine  CrÍpes pancakes blinis and other frozen bakery products'
Croan Seafoods  Fresh and frozen seafood
Curry Sauce Company  Chilled curry sauces
Cumbrian Seafoods  Seafood fish and shellfish for UK multiples and foodservice
Dalepak Foods  Frozen Ready Meals, Burgers, Organic, Vegetarian 
Daloon Foods  Frozen mainly Chinese snack products such as spring rolls
D'aucy  Frozen vegetables
Dawnfresh Seafoods  Frozen seafood readymeals
Dawn Meats  Very large Irish meat processer with many plants in the UK
Debbie & Andrew's  Sausages
Dell'Ugo  Pasta and filled pasta dishes
Denby Dale Pie Company Ltd  Frozen pies
Denhay Farm  Dry cured bacon and air cured ham
Denholm Seafoods  Fresh and frozen mackerel and herring
Dickinson & Morris  Melton Mowbray pork pies, fruit cake, chutney, bacon and sausages
Direct Table Foods  Danish bacon, gammon joints and gammon steaks
Dole  Frozen fruit
Dr Oetker  Frozen pizza, the Ristorante brand
Dr Schar Group  DS gluten-free frozen ready-meals
Eatwell UK  Feasters brand of microwave hot sandwiches and burgers
Edgmont Foods  Frozen & chilled quiche, party foods and pies
Elisabeth the Chef  Chilled desserts, cakes and ready to heat puddings
Enterprise Brands  Frozen and ambient ready meals and snacks for retail and foodservice
Exciting Foods  Frozen 'value added' seafood products
Farm Frites  Just about anything you could think of to do with a potato
Farmhouse Potato Bakers  Frozen jacket, roast, mash, potato skins and vegetables
Farmhouse Fare  Luxury puddings for retail and foodservice
Farne Salmon & Trout  Smoked salmon and value-added salmon based products
Faroe Seafood  Frozen fish and fish products for retail and foodservice
Farsan Ltd Manufacturers of frozen ethnic finger foods
Findus  Frozen readymeals and convenience food
Five Star Fish  Primary, breaded and battered seafood products for caterers and foodservice
Flavourfresh Solfresh Group  Prepared salads and fruit salads
Fluer de Lys  Frozen patisserie
Forresters Sales Ltd  Processors of cooked and uncooked chicken, branded/own label for retail and foodservice
Fosters Bakery  Fresh and frozen breads and morning goods
Fountain Frozen Ltd  Frozen battered and breaded vegetables like onion rings, mushrooms and many more
Freedom Fresh  Ambient cooking sauces free from artificial ingredients
Freshcatch  Frozen seafood
Fresh Pak Chilled Foods Ltd  Sandwich fillers, pot salads, dips and hard boiled eggs
Fridays Ltd  Eggs, chilled sandwich fillings, pasta and salads
Fry's Vegetatian  Vegetarian and vegan frozen foods and ice cream
Funnybones Foodservice  Chilled & ambient foods from N & S America, the Caribbean & Asia
Gazebo Cuisine  Indian foods and Grab & Go hand-held snacks for retail & foodservice 
General Mills  Green Giant frozen sweet corn, Jus-Rol pastry
Genius Foods  Gluten free frozen pies, pasties, pastry and slices
Giles Foods Ltd  Frozen & chilled specialty breads quiche, flans, party foods & Danish pastries
Glendale Frozen Foods  Frozen hand held microwave snack products for both retail and food service
Glens of Antrim  Mashed potatoes and vegetables
Global Fine Foods  Frozen and chilled ready-meals and finger-foods for retail and foodservice
Glorious Foods  Chilled fresh soups, pasta, sauces and dips
Goodfella's Pizza   Frozen Pizzas
Goodlife Foods   Vegetarian Frozen Foods
The Good Little Company  Good Little Sausages and Great Big Sausages, 5p donated to charity with each sale
Grants Smokehouse Ltd  Scottish smoked salmon and smoked salmon based products for retail and foodservice
Greencore Group  Private Label ready meals, sandwiches etc. chilled and frozen
Green Label Foods  The Gressingham Duck brand 
GŁ, Rensow Ltd.  Indulgent puddings and cakes
Hain Daniels Group  Chilled ready meals, soups, desserts and fruit
Harvest Foods  Ready-meals and jacket potato fillings for retail, wholesale and the NHS
Heaven Made Foods of Holts  Makers of puddings, desserts, cheesecake and so on
Walter Holland & Sons  Frozen and chilled Holland's pies and puddings
Hulleys Frozen  Ice cream and frozen food distributors with four depots across England
Icefresh Foods  Frozen desserts, party food, bakery products and ice cream including Weight Watchers
Iceland Manufacturing Ltd  Ready-meals, British, Italian and Asian
Imagefarm  Frozen poultry, meat and non-meat foods for foodservice 
Indulgence Patisserie Ltd  Frozen and chilled desserts for retail and foodservice
Innovate Foods  Frozen finger foods and crumbed mushrooms, cheeses and vegetables
International Cuisine Ltd  Chilled and frozen readymeals for retail and foodservice
Alec Jarrett Ltd  Beef and meat processors
Kanes Foods  Fresh produce, salads, fresh egg noodles, fresh stir-fry and stir-fry sauces
Kepak Group  Meat products including Rustlers microwave burgers
Kerry Foods  Chilled savoury, porkmeat, poultry, and convenient / snacking foods
Kershaws Quality Foods  Frozen ready meals
Kim's Foods  Oriental foods, crispy pancakes, spare ribs, prawn toast, beef strips and so on
King Asia  Chinese frozen foods for foodservice and retail 
Kingsley Foods  Supplies frozen and chilled beef, pork and Chinese snacks 
Kingston Foods  Deli and sliced cooked meats
Kiren Foods  Chilled and frozen pizza bases, pizzas and dough balls
Kitchen 67  Ready-meals, curries, meat balls hand-made using tomato sauces
Kitchen Range Foods  Donuts, finger food and meat-free food
KK Fine Foods  Frozen readymeals for retail and foodservice
Laila's Fine Foods  Indian, far eastern, Italian and global ready meals
Langford's  The Welsh Sausage Company
Lewis Pie & Pasty Co  High-volume producer of frozen baked and unbaked pies, pasties, meat slices
Lion Speciality Foods  Smoked salmon and value added salmon products
Little Dish  Healthy, fresh meals for kids
Livesey Bros  Mushrooms and exotic mushrooms to supermarkets, foodservice and manufacturing
Lockwoods Ltd  Frozen mushy peas
Lyons Seafoods  Prawns, lobster, scampi, salmon and value-added speciality seafood
Linda McArtney Foods  Meat-free and organic readymeals, sausages and pies
McCain Foods (GB) Ltd  The ubiquitous chip
McIntosh Foods  Scottish convenience ready meals and pies
Macsween of Edinburgh  Traditional and vegetarian haggis and Scottish black pudding
Marine Harvest  Large processor of primary and value added seafood
Bernard Mathews Ltd  A bootiful web site, frozen and chilled ready meals, meat and poultry
Meadow Vale Foods  Raw, cooked and value added poultry products for retail, foodservice and manfucturers
Moy Park  Frozen and chilled ready meals and poultry products
Mumtaz  Curries, lassi and baby food
New Covent Garden Soup Co  Fresh chilled soups
Newsholme Food Group  Chilled and frozen sausages and cooked meats for foodservice and retail
Noble Foods  Egg based desserts and puddings
Noon Products  Chilled Indian snacks and ready meals
Nortech Foods  Animal fats and oils for retail, catering and food manufacturing
Nutrition Point Ltd  Wheat-free and glutton-free frozen ready meals
Organix  Organic food for babies, toddlers and children
Pasta Reale  Pasta Reale supplies fresh pasta and pasta sauces and ready meals
Patak Spices  Canned and frozen, curry sauces, breads and ready meals
Peakhouse Foods  Frozen ready baked Quiche,  Pies and Desserts
Peters Foods  Pies and sausages for retail and foodservice
Plas Farm  Various coleslaws, salads and potato salad from Anglesey
Pork Farms  Pies, sausage rolls, pasties, scotch eggs and slices
Pro-Pak Foods  Frozen and chilled ready meals for retail and foodservice
Pukka Pies  Pies, pasties and sausage rolls fresh or frozen as well as frozen puff pastry
Quattro Foods  Readymeals, pestos, sauces and soups
Quick Fill  Chilled, long life sandwich fillings
Quorn  Meat free chilled and frozen foods and ingredients
Rani Frozen Foods  Indian meals without preservatives, additives or colouring
Real Yorkshire Pudding Co  Frozen and chilled Yorkshire puddings
Richmond Sausages  Irish recipe sausages
S & A Foods  British and ethnic ready meals
Salmac  Scottish seafood, farmed salmon and shellfish
Samworth Brothers  Sandwiches, salads, ready meals, pastries, desserts, cooked meats & sausages
The Saucy Fish Co  Fish with many flavoured sauces
Scheff Foods Ltd  Frozen ready meals and pastry buffets for foodservice, wholesale and pubs
Schwan's  Chicago Town frozen pizza brand
Sco-Fro Foods  Frozen & Chilled seafood and readymeals
Scottish Shellfish Marketing  Marketing of mussels and oysters rope grown in Scotland
Scratch Meals Ltd  Ready meals you cook for yourself with inspiration from Michel Roux
SFC Wholesale Ltd  Simply the best Southern Fried Chicken products and more
Shana Foods  Frozen vegetables, ethnic snacks and breads
Shazan Foods  Halal frozen foods such as samosas, kebabs. rolls and other ethnic products
The Shropshire Group  G's Marketing, supplies fresh produce and pre-prepared salads to major retailers
Simply Fresh Foods  Vegetable stir fry packs and prepared vegetables and potatoes
SK Chilled Foods  Indian, Asian, Mediterranean and Tex Mex
Smales  Frozen and fresh white fish
Smithfield Foods  Cooked meats and canned meat products in Pek and Weightwatchers brands
Snowbird Foods Ltd  Frozen fully cooked sausages and other foodservice products
Solway Foods  Manufacturers of fresh salads, sandwiches, pizza and sushi
Stateside Foods  Chilled Pizza
Stewed  Chilled single serve pots containing stews, noodles, goulash and vegetarian meals
Stobarts  Branded and private label, frozen or chilled pies, pasties, sausage rolls and so on
A K Stoddart Ltd  Primary beef products and frozen beef products such as burgers, mince and beef grills
Strathmore Foods  Frozen and chilled Scottish ready meals for retail and foodservice
The Striped Box Company  Chilled meals for home delivery, pubs and foodservice wholesalers.
Summit Foods  Frozen microwave readymeals, snacks, sausages and burgers
Tahira Foods Ltd  Frozen, chilled and ambient Halal foods
Tasties  Chilled and frozen sandwiches/ filled rolls for retail, food service & airlines
Tasty Chicken Products  Cooked chicken potions, southern fried chicken, private label chicken nuggets and steaks
Terbeke  Pasta based ready meals, meat and delicatessen products
The Authentic Food Company  Frozen Indian, oriental, European and British ready meals for retail and foodservice
Tiger Tiger  Indian and Chinese, ambient and frozen foods
Tilak Foods Ltd  Frozen and Fresh Ethnic Foods & Pillsbury Indian Breads Exclusive Distributors
Tillman's Toast Me  Frozen toasties, like Poptarts but with meat and eggs and cheese inside.
Tivall  Meat-free primary and ready to eat products
TMI Foods  Cooked bacon, sausages and vegetables for retail, foodservice and manufacturing
Topping Pie Company  Popcorn for cinemas, foodservice and retail
TSC Foods  Frozen and chilled soups, sauces, risottos, gravies, condiments, dressings, recipe dishes
Tulip Ltd  Brands such as Spam, Plumrose, Stag, Tulip and Danepak
UBP Products  Frozen Asian snack foods, samosas, spring rolls, patties, kebabs and finger foods
Unilever   Frozen foods and ice cream
Vale of Mowbray  Pork pies for retail and foodservice
Weeks Foods  Frozen meat-free sausages, burgers and nuggets for retail and foodservice
Westaways Sausages  Premium sausages fresh from the west country
Wester Ross Salmon Ltd  Scotlandís oldest independent fully integrated salmon farmer
Graham White & Co  Porky White's sausages
Whitby Seafoods  Scampi and breaded, frozen seafood
Yorkshire Provender  Fresh soup made in Yorkshire
Young's Seafood  Frozen seafood products for retail and foodservice
Zorba Delicacies Ltd  Chilled dips, sandwich fillings and soups





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