United Kingdom dairy producers and suppliers


 A list of British dairy, milk, yogurt, and egg manufacturers and suppliers

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Alston Diary  Farmhouse yogurt
Arla Foods  Dairy products including Lurpak butter
Bumble Hole Foods  It's all about eggs - liquid - boiled - in-shell - mayonnaise
Calon Wen  Organic milk produced in Wales
Candia UK Ltd  Long-life milk branded as Just Milk
Castle Dairies  Welsh butter and organic butter bulk packed or consumer packed
Cmyru Dairy  Milk and cream from Wales
Court Lodge Organics  Organic bio pouring yogurt from wildlife friendly family farm in natural fruit flavours
The Dairy Council  Promoting the benefits of dairy products and 'the white stuff'
Dale Farm  Milk, butter, spreads, yogurt, cream, ice cream, desserts, cheese and ingredients
Danone  Healthy and functional yogurts - Actimel - Activia and Shape
Delamere Dairy  Goats milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt and butter
Eilers & Wheeler  Cheese, butter, milk powder, cream
Evan Rees (butter) Ltd  Butter packers and exporters
Fage UK Ltd  Total brand of Greek yogurts
Fane Valley Co-op  Milk, cream, butter, milk powder and porridge oats
First Milk  Farmer owned milk  and cheese supplier
Freshways  Wholesaler and producer of dairy products such as milk, yogurt and eggs
Good Heavens  Probiotic yogurts, compotes and yogurt drinks
Grahams Dairy  Scottish milk butter and cream
Heathrow Eggs & Dairy Co  Yogurt, cream, eggs, oils and canned goods for foodservice and retail
Jersey Dairy  Butter, cream, ice cream and yogurt from Jersey
Kavli UK Ltd  Primula cheese spreads and Castle MacLellan foods
Lactofree  Lactose free dairy products such as milk, cream, spread, yogurt and cheese
Langage Farm  Ice cream, clotted cream, yogurts, sorbets and cheese
Littletown Dairy  Yogurts, diabetic yogurt, creme fraiche and bulk dairy products for food manufacturing
Longley Farm  Cream, creme fraiche, butter, fromage frais, soft cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese
Medina Dairy  Milk, cream and yogurt
Müller  Yogurts, dairy drinks and chilled desserts
Müller Wiseman Dairies  Produces and delivers liquid milk to customers throughout Great Britain
Netherend Farm  Farmhouse butter and organic butter for upmarket retailers and chefs
Nom Dairy UK  Yogurts and yogurt drinks
OMSCO  The Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative with around 300 farmers
Onken  Yogurts and pot desserts
Paynes Dairy  Suppliers of raw and processed milk to retail and foodservice
Pazeeka  Natural yogurts, lassi and vegetable margarine from Lancashire
Pink Milk  Cool flavoured milk for kid's
President  Butter and shortlife dairy products to major multiples the President brand
Pritchitts  Extended life and long life dairy products for foodservice and bakery
Rachel's Organic  Organic milk, yogurt, dessert, cream and crème fraiche
Rodda's  Cornish clotted cream, milk, cream, butter and crème fraiche
St Helens Farm  Goats milk, probiotic yogurt, cheese, butter and cream, all from goats milk
Sutton Coldfield Dairies  Daily delivery of milk, dairy products and groceries with online ordering and payment
Tim's Dairy  Natural yogurts
Tiresford Guernsey Gold  Natural Cheshire yogurts
Tomlinsons Dairies   Liquid milk processor based in Wrexham
Twekkelo  Dutch yogurt in a bucket!
Yeo Valley  Organic yoghurt, fromage frais and ice cream
Yog  Up-market probiotic frozen yogurt
Yoplait  Yogurt and fromage frais mainly for kids and Weight Watchers yogurts and desserts





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