United Kingdom biscuit cakes and confectionery manufacturers


A list of British biscuit cake and confectionery manufacturers and suppliers

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Ashbourne Foods  Baker of slices, muffins, flapjacks, cupcakes, cereal bars and biscuit tubs
Ashbury Chocolates Ltd  Private Label sweeties
Bagel Nash  Bagels and pretzels
Bahlsen Ltd  Continental cakes, biscuits, confectionery and snacks
The Baked Snacks Company  Savoury biscuits and snacks
Barnack Confectionery Ltd  Mainly private label sweeties, some branded
Beech's Fine Chocolates  Premium quality Continental boxed chocolates
Belcolade  Belgian chocolate and chocolates
Bells of Lazonby  Craft baker supplying foodservice and retail with organic and free-products
Bendicks of Mayfair  Boxed chocolates
Bobby's Foods Plc  Van sales of Crisps, nuts, savoury snacks, confectionery and cakes
Bon Bon Buddies  Character licensed confectionery and biscuits
Border Biscuits  Crumbly, crispy biscuits from north of the border
Blackfriars Bakery  Bakers of flapjacks, muffins and cakes
Buchannan's of Scotland  Kids confectionery including the Millions brand
Burton's Biscuit Co  Maryland Cookies, Wagon Wheels, Jammie Dodgers, Cadbury Fingers
Bysel Ltd  Manufacturers of specialist confectionery products
Campbells Shortbread  Six generations of shortbread making
Candyco of Troon  Manufacturers of traditional Scottish confectionery
Candyking  Pick and mix confectionery
Cadbury  Allsorts of confectionery brands
Cherrytree Bakery  Cakes and muffins
Chupa Chops UK  Sugar Confectionery
Churchill's Confectionery  Novelty and gifting confectionery
Confectioners Benevolent Fund  Charity which helps people who have worked in confectionery
Coronation Rock Co  Blackpool rock
County Confectionery Ltd  Private label confectionery for retailers and food manufacturers
Creative Confectionery  Contract manufacturing and private label chocolate confectionery
Day Chocolate Co  Dubble brand of Fairtrade chocolate
Deans of Huntley   Scottish shortbread manufacturers
Delimax (UK) Ltd  CandyDOU range of jellies and gums with re-sealable cups for munching on the move
Devine Chocolate Ltd  Fairtrade Chocolate, drinking chocolate and cocoa
Devonvale Bakery  Bakers of flapjacks, florentine bars and muesli bars
Family Favourites  Hanging bag confectionery merchandised on its own fixture
Farmhouse Biscuits  Traditional English biscuits in tins.
Farrah's of Harrogate  Confectionery - the original Harrogate toffee
Ferrero UK  Ferroro Roche, Tic Tac, Kinder Surprise and Nutella brands
Fine Confectionery Company  Chocolate and sugar confectionery as well as biscuits
Fox's Biscuits  Biscuits including the Rocky brand
Fox's Confectionery  Best know for Fox's Glacier Mints, Poppets and Extra Strong MInts
Fudge's  Hand crafted biscuits from rural Dorset
Fun Kandy  Manufacturers and wholesalers of lollipops and rock novelty confectionery.
Gardiners of Scotland  Butterscotch, fudges, whisky flavoured fudges with Scottish branding or own label
Glisten Confectionery  Confectionery and snacks
Goody Good Stuff  Are these sweeties too good to be true, free-from just about everything except nasties
Green & Blacks Ltd  Organic chocolate
Greenhalgh's Craft Bakery  Bakers of bread, savories and confectionery
GŁ, Rensow Ltd.  Indulgent puddings and cakes
Guylian  Belgian chocolates
Halo Foods  Healthy snack and cereal bars
Haribo  German confectionery giant
HFChocolates  Wholesales chocolates and confectionery for the independent retailer.
Hill Biscuits  Sweet biscuits
Holdsworth Chocolates  Handmade luxury chocolate
House of Sarunds  Continental chocolates and confectionery
It's Nut Free  Nut free cakes, biscuits and desserts
Jules Destrooper  Belgian biscuits
Kates Cakes  Cakes, cookies, shortbread, cake bars and slices
Kinnerton Confectionery  Character licensed confectionery and novelties for adults and kids
Lancashire Eccles Cakes Ltd  The home of real Lancashire Eccles Cakes
Leaf UK  Chewits and Malaco kids' confectionery and private label
Lees of Scotland  Teacakes, snowballs, meringues and Macaroon bars
Lindt  Upmarket boxed chocolates and chocolate bars
Livwell  Gluten-free bread, cakes, scones, biscuits and pastries
Lofthouse of Fleetwood  Fisherman's Friend adult confectionery
Maclean's Highland Bakery  Oatcakes, shortbread and cakes
Mars Confectionery  Confectionery, soft drinks and ice cream
Maxons Ltd  Traditional English sweets made under the Maxons, Dixons and Jesmona brands
Mr Kippling Cakes  Cakes from Premier Foods
Natural Confectionery Co  Sweets with no artificial colours or flavourings
Nairn's Oatcakes  Biscuits and oatcakes
Nestle Rowntree  Chocolate and sugar confectionery
Nevis Bakery  Loaf cakes, rich fruit cakes, shortbreads, and Scottish oatcakes
Newbridge Foods  Suppliers of the Toxic Waste confectionery brand
OP Chocolate  Chocolate wafers, mallows and tablets
Origninal Candy Company  Candy sticks, lollipops and canes in a unique point of sale concept
Panda Bravura Foods Ltd  Panda liquorice
Paterson Arran  Scottish biscuits, oatcakes and shortbread
Rich Products Ltd  Frozen and ambient muffins, cookies, scones and so on for retail and foodservice
Right Angle Marketing  Sales and marketing company who specialise in confectionery and biscuits
Ryvita  Healthy biscuits and crisp breads
William Santus & Co Ltd  Uncle Joe's Mintballs
Sarahs Heavenly Fudge  Handmade fudge from Huntley in Aberdeenshire
Elizabeth Shaw  Upmarket chocolates and liqueur chocolates
Shortbread House of Edinbugh  Shortbread, sweet oaties and Dundee Cake for retail and catering
A L Simpkin & Co Ltd  Simpkins travel sweets and sugar free confectionery
Stockan & Gardens  Manufacturers of Orkney oatcakes
Sweet Cred Ltd  Novelty children's confectionery
Sweet Ideas  Confectionery, snacks and fine food wholesalers
Swizzles Matlow  Children's confectionery
Tangerine Confectionery  UK's largest independent manufacturer of  sugar confectionery and popcorn
Thomas Tunnock  World famous tea cakes and caramel wafers
Thorntons  Luxury chocolates and ice cream
United Biscuits  Makers of McVities and Jacobs biscuits and KP nuts
Walkers Nonsuch  Toffee and toffees
Walkers Shorbread  An assortment of Scottish shortbread
Welsh Hills Bakery  Manufacturers of Lovemore free-from gluten and wheat free cakes, biscuits, tarts and pies




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